Relapse; Candida Symptoms

Even though we’ve been experiencing an extreme heat wave (I’m really not complaining 😎 *cue ‘September’ – Earth, Wind & Fire*), it has come to my attention that sadly the summer is almost over..

I personally feel that I have to admit something.. This summer I really lived that “#YOLO’ life, (as the youths would say), and disregarded all my hard work and my body.

After just finishing university and not having a ‘Scooby Doo’ what I should be doing for the rest of my life, I took it upon myself to enjoy the summer. And by enjoy I mean I didn’t hold back! I welcomed parties, BBQs, summer beach days, trips to the orchards; all which included a large selection of food, alcohol, yummy fruit and sweets, (yes good f’Laura wasn’t so good).

At the time I thought I was invisible and played with fate that I had overcome the dark days and I could now happily eat and drink whatever I liked with minimal effect on my gut. Oh how I was naive..

A few weeks ago I started experiencing pain in the side of my tummy. At first I thought this may have been because I’d been over eager and had had abs of steal forming due to The Body Coach’s YouTube workouts, (which are really good by the way if you just want a quick 20 minute HIIT workout that really gets you sweaty), but a few weeks down the line, no abs, and the pain is still there and has spread into the middle of my stomach as well as my back. I’m also feeling constantly fatigued, hungry, weak, irritated and even though I am really tired, I can not sleep. I no longer have any energy to do any exercise and as a fitness freak this saddens me greatly.

As I dangerously tried to self-diagnose myself on the internet, I thought I may have been experiencing symptoms of diabetes or low estrogen levels and it never occurred to me to think that maybe my candida was back until last night..

Today I went to the doctor and told him about all my problems. The doctor brushed off my idea that it could be candida, claiming that there was ‘no scientific evidence to believe this because candida sufferers are usually a lot worse and are bedridden in hospital supported by a drip’. I wanted to tell him he was an idiot because not only has the candida growth got to start causing less harmful problems at some point but also because as doctors a lot of patients could avoid being on a drip if they were diagnosed properly at an earlier stage.

I am still poorly and fed up but today I have decided to do something about it. I didn’t experience this sort of pain or inflammation in my stomach the first time I realised I had candida so I am seeking medical advice regarding that, but I am also now putting myself back on the Candida Diet plan.

However, I want to raise awareness that the doctors aren’t always right and my medical history has smashed that one out of the water. Pharmaceuticals are not the answer to everything! They do a great job at masking the problem, but do they actually get to the root and solve it?

If you are experiencing any of the following problems I suggest you try to alter your diet and take probiotics accordingly. Candida symptoms can be placed into three different areas;

  1. Symptoms in the intestinal and urinary tracts include bowel problems such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and gas; prostatitis; inflammations of the oesophagus, stomach lining, colon and bladder, athletes foot, skin disorders, vaginal thrush and menstrual complaints.
  2. Allergic Symptoms include asthma, migraines, headaches, bronchitis, hay fever, earaches, hives, and severe chemical and food sensitivities, ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.
  3. Emotional and mental problems include severe depression, confusion, extreme irritability, fretfulness, memory lapses, inability to concentrate, difficulty in reasoning, drowsiness, insomnia or non refreshing sleep, lethargy and loss of self confidence.

(Source: Serenity)

If you do go to the doctors with any of these symptoms, the chances are they will prescribe you a pill to change it – I realised this as the doctor prescribed me anti-acids and booked me in for further blood tests to see if I have coeliac disease, (I really don’t think I do).

I am now going to cut back on my sugar intake and adopt the candida diet back into my life.  The plan is to not overindulge on the delicious apples growing on the tree in the back garden (fructose can sometimes be worse than refined sugar), refuse any Harribo that is offered my way and steer clear from the dangerous substance itself, sugar, as much as I can.

I will keep you posted on the journey!

Laura X


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